News WAGC 2020

the 41st World Amateur Go Championship presentation at the Russian Creativity Week

On Friday, September 11, the 41st World Amateur Go Championship presentation will be held in Gorky Park as part of the Russian Creativity Week.
Timur Sankin 6 dan, grandmaster and president of Moscow Go Federation will give an easy-to-understand presentation on the most complex mind game in the history of humanity.
Sign up or inform us on visiting the master class via email at
You are invited to "Spetsproekty" lecture hall on September 11 at 13:40.

Note of reference:
Russian Creativity Week (September 11-13, Moscow) is the main federal event in the sphere of creative industries, aiming at realizing the economic potential of the Russian artistic and creative community. On September 7-10, special events will be held in different regions of Russia.

"Russian Creativity Week" will cover 14 branches: art, music, fashion, design, architecture and urbanistics, cinema, television, new media, publishing and journalism, marketing, computer graphics, game development, IT and profile education. According to international standards these spheres are part of "creative industries" — an economy sector related to intellectual and creative activities.
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