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How did Go come to Russia?

The Soviet Union, the 1960s. The game begins to spread but very few people know about it.
There were no Russian language textbooks at that time, there was no internet. How did people learn the rules of Go then?
In order to answer these questions, the 41st WAGC director Mikhail Yemelyanov met with Valery Solovyev, an honorary president of the Russian Go federation. They met at the 25th Japan Ambassador's Cup and this venue wasn't chosen at random. It was Valery Solovyev who organized the very first Japan Ambassador's Cup in our country.

How did it feel dozens of years back? How the game of Go fascinated Soviet players and what is to be expected in the future — you will find all that in this episode of "People and Go".

"People and Go" is a series of conversations between like-minded people. The guests of this project are Go enthusiasts and professionals.
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