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Friendship Match. Go and chess

This Sunday (June 7) at 15:00 (Moscow time GMT+3) we welcome you to watch a “Friendship Match”, dedicated to holding the 41st World Amateur Go Championship in Russia.
A famous chess grandmaster and streamer Sergei Shipov will play a chess simul with 6 of our Go masters.
The match will be held on with a broadcast on “Crestbook Chess” Youtube channel. The link is in the profile header.

Apart from reviewing the simul games while playing, Sergei will share some interesting stories of famous chess players who tried to play Go as well. There are even some who play at the level of 5 dan!

Our team: Viacheslav Kaymin, Aigul Nureeva, Юрий Соловьёв (Solovyev Yury), Вадим Филиппов (Vadim Filippov), Rustam Sakhabutdinov, Valery Solovyev.
Reserve players: Gennady Samarkin, Vladimir Medvedev.
Time limit: 20 min to each participant, 40 min to the exhibitor + 5 sec after each move (Fischer settings). Sergei Shipov will play white in all the games.

Come watch and support our team!
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