News WAGC 2020

Aleksey Chekunkov has become head of the organizing committee of the 41 WAGC

Aleksey Chekunkov, Minister for the development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic has become head of the organizing committee of the 41st World Go Championship

"The game of Go has been connecting people since ancient times. People also like it because it teaches you out-of-the-box thinking and helps develop the skill of finding innovative solutions. 

Go embodies oriental wisdom and I am proud that the World Championship will be held specifically in the Russian Far East. The common Asia-Pacific space opens up unique possibilities for collaboration, cultural enrichment and intellectual exchange. Every year our connections become stronger, more profound and versatile. We hold this friendship in high esteem and cherish it.

At the 41st World Amateur Go Championship our players will face the strongest masters from all over the world. I'm sure that Russian players have something to surprise our eastern guests with! I wish all the players luck, inspiration, strength and composure! 
All the participants and guests, welcome to Vladivostok!"
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