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The popular science magazine "DUMAI" has become our partner

This was bound to happen!

We have amazing news for you! The popular science magazine "DUMAI" has become our partner. Physics, chemistry, math, biology, geography, social studies, technology, medicine, space — and that's not a complete list of topics you can learn more about! All the materials come from famous Russian and foreign scientists, journalists and science popularizers. "DUMAI" uses a simple language to explain complex and interesting matters of science!

One of the goals of the magazine is to get teenagers out of their gadgets, to turn their attention to science. "DUMAI" develops critical thinking and cultivates scientific curiosity and desire to search for knowledge. Could that be another coincidence? Because Go players have exactly the same goals. It all adds up and nothing is random here!
Read our joint article in the first issue in the new year.
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