News WAGC 2020

The host city of the 41st World Amateur Go Championship will be Vladivostok.

It’s the capital of Primorsky Krai, our “gateway to the East”: 750 km to Seoul, 1335 km to Beijing and a little over 1000 km to Tokyo.

Vladivostok is the city of the hills, bordering on the Sea of Japan. It’s the easternmost terminal station of Trans-Siberian Railway. Emperor Nicholas II came to lay its foundation stone. The city is the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet and is the largest Russian port on the Pacific coast.

The past and the future in Vladivostok are intertwined and form and intricate mosaic. The central streets are named after famous ships that used to stay in Golden Horn Bay. The only cable railroad in Russia that is 175 meters long is still fully functioning here as public transport. In the few recent years several unique pieces of architecture were built there: the Russky Bridge and the Golden Horn Bridge, the modern university campus and Primorsky Opera House.

160 years after the city was founded it has become a scientific and cultural centre of the Far East. Large scale events are held in Vladivostok, including an APEC summit and Eastern Economic Forum. It attracts many students and young scientists from other countries of the Pacific Rim.

It’s a also a romantic city for travellers: young, open and hospitable. There will be 70 national delegations at the WAGC and we hope that the one from Russia is going to be the biggest one.
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