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Go and Business: Interview with Vitaly Nesis

#aboutGO: Vitaly Nesis, chairman of the supervisory board of the Russian Go Federation and member of the organizing committee of the 41st WAGC explained in his interview to "The Kommersant" how Go helps in business.

— How does the game of Go help in business?

— I don't think that game situations reflect real life events. It's better to say that the spirit of the game, its philosophy determine the overall mindset and approach towards decision-making. There is undoubtedly a strong correlation there. Unlike chess, Go is about creation, not about destruction. Go is a game where you can't bring the position back, once you place a stone on the board it can only be removed after it is dead. It is important hat all the stones in Go are equal, whereas in chess there is a strict hierarchy. These are some of the basic details that influence the professional life of a Go player.

There are even more subtle things there. For example it is possible to have a situation unresolved, leave it for later and then come back and continue in view of some new circumstances. And what especially appeals to me, the concept of probing moves. You don't have to have a game plan: you can play a stone to see how your opponent responds and choose one of the possible directions only after that. All of that influences not only one's way of thinking but in the end also the decisions one makes.

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