News WAGC 2020

The Go club at Far Eastern Federal University has reopened

Every Friday there will be Go lectures that everyone is welcome to attend. And it is right here that the World Go Championship will take place in June, 2021. The lessons are held in accordance with all the safety regulations. The participants are given sanitizers and they keep the proper social distance.

-This class has always had the biggest number of students. The students are obviously interested in the game and we are certainly happy about that. Today our science provost, Alexander Samardak, also joined us. This way our teaching staff is starting to play Go as well. We are trying to increase the number of places for holding master classes, - they said at Primorsky Krai Go Federation.

Apart from classes held at the club the local Go Federation invites everyone to join their online lessons every Monday. Experienced teachers are willing to share their knowledge and dive deeper into details of the most complex intellectual game with you there.
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