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The game of Go in the "DUMAI" magazine

The goban with the World Go Championship logo will soon be sent to its new owner in Khabarovsk. Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest and welcome to our page!

Together with our partner — the popular science "Dumai" magazine, we are thinking of new ways to make our subscribers and readers happy.

We have a common goal — get people interested in intellectual leisure activities, tear the teenagers away from their gadgets and direct their attention towards science.

"Dumai" magazine wrote about the history and rules of Go in the January issue. That was an introductory article but it was quite detailed. "Dumai" keeps writing about Go and very soon you will be able to read an article about AI in Go, the "centaur" tournament, virtual agents and digital doubles. Trust us, you will learn a lot of new things!

The "digital centaur" tournament will be held at the Genius Extreme world Go festival which was one of the winners of the presidential grant foundation. It will take place in Vladivostok together with the 41st World Go Championship.
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