News WAGC 2020

"Ten Games in Danghu" is a Go theme park that opened in 2019 in China.

It was designed as an important place for promoting Go culture in the city of Pinghu and it comprises several areas like Guanqi Mountain, ten games in Danghu and a Go competition hall. It is believed that the park will help spread the traditions of Go and revive everyone's interest in the game. It will be a great place for Go enthusiasts in the city.

The ten games on lake Danghu were played in 1739 and they are considered Go masterpieces. It's a series of ten games that were played by Fan Xiping and Shi Ding'an in the Qing dynasty when they both taught two sons of the Zhang family in Zhejiang province. At that time a game wouldn't start with an empty board the way it does today, but with four stones already in place on the star points in all the corners.

Do you think this kind of park could be opened in a western country as well? And if yes, where would it be? Would it become popular?

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