News WAGC 2020

Outer Manchuria joins the big Go game

A Go master class was held in Blagoveshchensk. Schoolchildren tried playing Go, this master class was organized for them by the chairman of the local Go federation, Roman Belov.

At the end of this open Go lesson they continued the game that has been played by dozens of cities in our country. Blagoveshchensk joined the "100 moves till Genius Extreme Go festival" challenge.

— We had to continue from the middle game. This position requires some careful thinking but it still allows for some hesitation, we can still make some small mistakes. Those who will play the endgame will have a much more challenging task on their hands, — said Roman Belov.

The big game will be finished very soon in Vladivostok. Only a few days are left till those key Go events.

The kids also took part in the flashmob: they lined stones on many Go boards to make "Blagoveshchensk WAGC 2021".
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