News WAGC 2020

Information for Go event participants in Vladivostok

Organizational Matters

In order to participate in Genius Extreme world Go festival events, a preliminary registration is highly desirable as it will help the organizers better prepare for the events:
Mass simultaneous Go exhibition —,
Fathers and sons —,
Blondes vs brunettes —

Transportation will be organized for Russian Go congress participants on June 2-9. After purchasing tickets, please provide information of your arrival time to the hospitality service: Daily shuttles from FEFU to Vladivostok will be also organized for the entire duration of the championship. Taxis are easily available in the city as well.

Registration confirmation.
The final stage of registration will be done upon arrival at the WAGC venue.

At the final stage of registration on FEFU territory, every participant must submit a negative COVID-19 PCR-test to the organizing committee (in paper or digital form), that was taken no earlier than 72 hours before the event. Upon submitting test results, participants receive a badge. A PCR-test is a mandatory condition for participation. If it is not possible to do the test within the required time frame, then it must be done on arrival. Lab contacts will be provided by the organizing committee.

This is the primary ID of every participant, it gives you access to all of the activities and it is hard to replace. Entering game halls without a badge is not allowed.

Booking at the FEFU hotel ends on May 15. Canceling a booking is possible no later than 7 days before arrival. If you have any questions, please contact the hospitality service:

Organizing meals is held under strict supervision of the federal service for surveillance on consumer rights protection and human wellbeing. If your booking doesn’t include meals, there is an option of getting your own meals at student cafeterias and cafes on campus ( There are grocery stores on campus. It is recommended to store food in mini-fridges that you will find in every hotel room.

Bad habits.
Selling alcohol is prohibited on the territory of all Russian educational institutions. Smoking is allowed only in special designated areas, that are located behind every playing or residential building.

Sightseeing tours — there definitely will be some! The sightseeing schedule will be made separately.
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