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The teachers of Primorsky Krai received their first arbiter certificates

The teachers of Primorsky Krai Go Federation received their first arbiter certificates. This historic event took place yesterday. The certificates were presented by the local Go Federation president Sergei Solovyev.
The game of Go first came to Primorsky Krai around 20 years ago. The federation received official accreditation only 2 years ago and today it has accredited arbiters as well. The long awaited certificates were handed to Alexei Khovanets, Andrei Goryachkin, Pavel Nikiforov, Andrei Simdyankin.

"We find ourselves to be part of the government sport accreditation system and now we have teachers and arbiters. We can now organize tournaments of any level. For an all-Russian tournament we still need a higher category arbiter but this is just the beginning. We'll keep on training our experts" - said Alexei Khovanets, vice president of Primorsky Krai Go Federation. 
The process of getting an arbiter status is quite hard. One has to take some courses, pass exams and collect the right set of documents.
There are 15 teachers working in Primorsky Krai Go Federation today. More than 300 children and 150 adults play Go there.
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