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Health Issues

As of March, 20, 2020 there is no ban of mass events or sport tournaments in Russia. The COVID-19 situation is stable. There are 20 discovered positive cases, all of them are currently in quarantine. There are no deaths. Those who recovered are checking out of the hospitals. There isn’t a single case of coronavirus reported in Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok.
Unprecedented measures have been taken in Russia to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Temporary restrictions have been imposed:
1. Until April 1 no visas are issued to citizens of China and Iran
2. Until April 1 citizens of China may only enter Russia through the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport
3. Until April 1 Russian airline flights from South Korea to Vladivostok are restricted
4. Russian citizens who visited the countries with reported positive cases of the virus must go through a 14-day quarantine.

In accordance with the requirements of Russian medical services, all foreign citizens coming from areas with the spread of COVID-19 undergo body temperature control on arrival at the airport.
Foreign athletes must remain under constant medical supervision during the tournament. There is no need for quarantine. If signs of disease are discovered, the participant must be taken to a medical facility immediately. The Russian Go Federation will make sure all the requirements of the Russian government are met during the World Championship.
The World Championship venue is on Russky Island, on campus of Far Eastern Federal University. The foreign students who came in February 2020, all went through a 14-day quarantine. The students from China were put on distance learning and they are not allowed on campus from February 2020. Thanks to enhanced measures of medical support the FEFU campus is the safest place in Vladivostok. Entering the campus is allowed with a special entrance pass only, which decreases the chance of strangers being on campus to zero.
A medical team will be present for the entire duration of the World Championship to monitor the situation.
World Health Organization / Europe summarized how to stay healthy while travelling:
• observing hand and respiratory hygiene and maintaining a safe distance from any sick persons;
• searching for information through official channels;
• avoiding stigmatization and discrimination of other people based on their origin.
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