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May 9 is a memorable date

May 9 is a memorable date – the day of the victory of the Soviet people in World War II. On this day we bow to those who saved our country from destruction, from fascist slavery, those who brought us freedom and independence!

In this celebratory post we’d like to mention a book that could be educational for children. “The Military Strategic Game of Go” will let our young readers get in the shoes of a Red Army soldier, a commander or a general, combining the Japanese game of Go with military strategy and the history of the battles that decided the outcome of WW2.

The Victory Day has always been and will remain a dear, tragic, mournful and yet a bright day for all of us! We wish you a peaceful blue sky and certainty that it will remain the same tomorrow! You can download a digital copy of this book if you follow the link in the profile header.
*The authors of “The Military Strategic Game of Go” will answer your questions. Don’t forget to share your opinions.
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