News WAGC 2020

Welcome to Primorsky region

Business part of the Championship will take place on Russkiy Island. This is the largest island among others that form the archipelago of islands in the Peter the Great Gulf, and that are located near the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsulaon which Vladivostok is situated. Peter the Great Gulf islands form a chain – from North to South, the biggest ones are: Russkiy, Popov, Reyneke,Rikord. To the West, the island borders the Amur Bay, to the South and East – the Ussurian Bay. The island’s area is 97.6 square kilometers, the length is about 18 kilometers, and the width is around 13 kilometers. The island has been named by the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Muravyov-Amursky in honor of Russia and its citizens who had been involved in the exploration of the Far East. The proximity to the city and a deep Novik Bay had defined the main function of the island – it had become the base of the Pacific Fleet in the Russian Far East. The island had been closed for any visitors up to 1999. But today, Russkiy Island is a magnet for the citizens of Primorsky Region and tourists. Right here the Far Eastern Federal University is located. We’ll tell you about it in our nextpublication. After all, #wagc2020will be held on its territory.
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