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People in Vladivostok can learn the rules of Go on buses

A new project "Go on the way" was launched in the public transport of the Far Eastern capital. Now passengers can read interesting books on the philosophy of the game, learn the rules or even play Go with the help of a mobile phone.

"The "Go on the way" project was launched in sight of the two historic events — the 41st World Go Championship and Genius Extreme festival.

Special stickers with QR codes were made as a joint effort of the presidential grant foundation, the city administration, Vladivostok centralized library system and Primorsky Krai Go federation. Scan the code and and make the best of your time on the bus," explained Sergei Solovyev, the Primorsky Krai Go federation president.
Virtual "bookshelves" already exist in 50 buses. Their routes go all over the city center and lead to Far Eastern Federal University as well — the 41st WAGC and world festival venue.
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