Vladivostok May 30-31 2020 .
A unique World festival FanFest will take place during the 41st World Amateur Go Championship 2020
The festival will serve as a sightseeing spot for the city locals and Go fans from all over the world.
Festival program includes: the Cup of Russia,
an open tournament for all foreign participants,
many fun activities for the whole family!

More than 80 million people play Go in Asia. It's one of the most popular strategy games on the planet. Go was born in the East around 3000 years ago and is considered the most complex strategy game in history. The point of the game is to surround territory with your stones. Two players build territories, creating their own domains. The rules of the game are so simple that a child can learn them in a few minutes.
The rules are: the board has 361 line intersections and at the start of the game it is empty. Each player has 180 identical stones. In Go there are no pieces and no king, capturing which will ensure your victory.
The victory is determined by the size of your surrounded territory.
Everyone is welcome to the Russian Go Congress and the World FanFest.


● International tournament for all Go fans
● Entertainment program for the whole family: games against AI, Go lectures, children's playground, Mega Go, board games from around the world, Go Museum, concert program and more!
(Vladivostok, Sportivnaya naberezhnaya)

Vladivostok, Sportivnaya Naberezhnaya
May 30-31 2020
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