Vladivostok, June 5-7, 2021
The World Go festival is a series of educational activities at the junction of promoting strategic thinking, creative fulfillment, and new technology research. The idea behind the festival lies in connecting non overlapping communities of creators, intellectuals, extreme sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts. When building a youth festival around the game, a scientific hackathon and popular extreme activities of the modern generation, not only are we making friendly and collaborative connections, but we are making a contribution into people's intellectual growth.
"100 Moves Until Genius Extreme
World Go Festival" Challenge
The entire country is playing Go: the challenge will unite Go players from different regions of Russia and other countries. Each one of the participants will make one or several consecutive moves and pass on the torch to the next player to a different city or country. The final moves will be played in Vladivostok during the festival opening ceremony.
The current state of "100 moves until Genius Extreme world Go festival" challenge game

Check out the interactive board here
The challenge status video:
What else to expect at
Genius Extreme
Go festival
Master classes in cheerleading and street dancing, a concert of teen music bands, plus lots of extreme sports, exhibition performances of roller skaters and cyclists … The program keeps being updated. Stay tuned.
The highlight of the project is holding team engineering contests for students. The participants will develop a teaching interface for Go players' interaction with AI so as to increase the chances of winning without losing the sporting element of the game.
Мы будем информировать вас об обновлениях в программе фестиваля.
Владивосток, Набережная Спортивной Гавани
5-7 июня 2021 года
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