Regulations of Russian Cup
Russia, Vladivostok, Russky Island,
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), campus.

Organizing committee
Chief organizer – Gleb Kataev
Chief referee – Sergey Pavlov

Tournament system:
Open to all players, Tournament fee –1000 rubles.
For full-time students, children and pensioners – 500 rubles.
Japanese rules, even games, 6 rounds, McMahon, time limit 60 minutes + byo-yomi 30 seconds (3 times), komi 6.5 points.
The pairing is made before the start of each round.
If you get more than 10 minutes late, you will lose by default

Final Ranking
I. Players will be ranked in the order of their total number of McMahon points.
II. When players have the same number of McMahon points, they will be ranked in the order of their SOS (sum of opponents' scores).
III. When players are still tied, they will be ranked in the order of their SODOS.
IV. If players are still tied, the winner of a direct encounter between the players concerned will be ranked higher.
V. If players are still tied, they will be given the same place.

Behavior of participants at the competition
It is necessary to keep silence during the game and turn off mobile devices and switch them to silent mode during the rounds.
Participants are forbidden to use any mobile devices.

The appearance of competitors must be neat.

Russian Cup Schedule
May 29
17:00 – Registration
17:30 – Opening Ceremony of Russian Cup
18:00 – 1st round

May 30
9:30 – 2nd round of Russian Cup

May 31
9:30 – 3rd round
14:00 – 4th round

June 1
9:30 – 5th round
14:00 – 6th round
18:30 – Closing Ceremony

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